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Vertical Powder Packing Machine Safe Operation

Vertical Powder Packing Machine Safe Operation

Jan. 06, 2022

1. Check the operating surface, conveyance belt and sealing tool carrier and make sure there is no tool or any impurity on them each time before start. Be sure there is no abnormality around the machine.

2. Protection equipment is in function position before start.

3. It is strictly forbidden to make any part of human body close to or contact with any operating part during the operation of the machine.

4. It is strictly forbidden to stretch your hand or any tool into the end sealing tool carrier during the operation of the machine.

5. It is strictly forbidden to shift the operation buttons frequently, nor to change the parameter settings frequently without any authorization during the normal operation of the machine.

6. Over speed long-term operation is strictly forbidden.

7. When the machine is operated, adjusted or repaired by several persons at the same time, such persons shall communicate with each other well. To make any operation, the operator shall first send out the signal to others. It would be best to turn off the master power switch.

8. Always inspect or repair the electric control circuit with power off. Such inspections or repairs must be done by the professional electrical personnel. As the auto program of this machine is locked, no one could modify it without any authorization.

9. It is strictly forbidden to operate, adjust or repair the machine by the operator who has not kept a clear head because of drunk or fatigue.

10. No one could modify the machine by himself without the consent of the company. Never use this machine other than the designated environment.

11. The resistances of vertical packing machine conform to the safety standard of country. But the packaging machine is started at the first time or not used for a long time, we should start heater at low temperature for 20 minutes to prevent heating parts from damping

Warning: for the safety of yourself, the others and the equipment, please follow the above requirements for operation. The company shall bear no liability for any accident caused by failure to meet the above requirements. 

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